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Illuminating the path for growth minded people

Energetic Embodiment

It’s not just a woo-woo term; it’s a tangible skill that creates more clarity, confidence and personal power.

I imagine you’re looking for change or are at least curious about it. Change begins by shifting your energy.

I use a system of conscious awareness skills, energy clearing, somatic release and body awareness practices to help you develop a trustworthy and full spectrum relationship with your authentic self.

This modality ultimately leads you to genuine, energetic embodiment and deeply satisfying relationships. This gives you a new frame of referance so you can see the change you want to make and do it.

There is nothing more beautiful than you in your embodied wholeness. 

More About My Approach

Find Freedom

From Limiting Beliefs, Feel Your Power, and have authentic relationships with yourself and others

Chances are you have a host of successful skills that have gotten you to where you are today, but you’re still not where you want to be.

Perhaps anxiety or chronic over-giving are wreaking havoc on your closest relationships. Or maybe your relationships are good but you want more and know that requires shifting your behaviors, emotions, and old patterns.

You can make those shifts – in your relationships,  your work, your parenting, your partnering – and engage more deeply with your life and the people you love.

I would be honored to support you in your journey.

Let’s Work Together

I’m Victoria Leilani

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. I would be delighted to support your journey to embodied wholeness.  

I’ve been a practitioner in the healing arts since 2005. I’ve trained as a Somatic Sex Educator, supporting people needing a deeper connection to themselves, their sexuality, their body, and their emotional life.

I’m also a trained and certified energy healing practitioner and help people evolve and grow using a well established set of energy healing protocols.

Partnering together, I help you get to the root of your relational and life challenges so you can make lasting change.

Embodying your wholeness begins with your energy and results in you consciously choosing a life you embrace fully.

A life that you choose.

Meet Victoria


“Within just a few months of working with Victoria, I started seeing a change in my relationships that I never thought possible. Victoria has taught me to tune into my body, find my voice and have the courage to ask for what I want.​

I feel more connected to myself and no longer feel stifled by what I think other people expect of me.”

Clark Wyche, CO

“Victoria has a gift for identifying the stories we tell about ourselves and our relationships. She has helped me re-access a deep well of joy that I had forgotten. she taught me I’m able to control my anxiety and be more present.

 I’m happier and more optimistic in my relationship than I have ever been. I feel like I finally have a choice over how I feel.”

Jon Burroughs

Your journey

To Embodied Living


Reach out and learn new ways to connect with yourself. Once we identify the steps towards change, you can commit to the process.


With your road map in hand, and a commitment to the journey, you can create the change you seek.


Claim your authority and create more of what you want. Once you embody your life, your creative potential is limitless