Victoria Leilani

Energy Healing Sessions

All of you is welcome here. We start where you are and go from there.

Everything you see, feel, or conceptualize has an energetic component, this is what we’ll focus on in our work together. I use a system of conscious awareness skills, energy clearing, somatic release and body awareness practices to help you develop a trustworthy and full spectrum relationship with your authentic self.

I work with a broad scope of people who navigate many different types of challenges. The one thing they have in common is that they have embarked on a journey of self improvement and are ready to do what it takes to evolve, grow and change.

My practice has been built predominantly by referrals from other practitioners, medical professionals, and existing clients. My clients have generally explored other modalities, and have a foundation of health with an ability to observe their behaviors and get curious about the roots.

Our Work Together

I help you uncover the things you’re not seeing, ground more deeply into what’s truly you, let go of what sabotages your presence and authority, and deeply trust yourself. 

When you enter a session with me, we’ll spend 90-minutes uncovering:

  • What supports your embodied self
  • What inhibits your happiness and joy
  • What patterns, behaviors, themes you’d like to evolve
  • An intention that frames our work together

You’ll lie on the table, with blankets, bolsters and pillows and I’ll work with your energy — clearing, evolving, and supporting your process of letting go and receiving. I’ll share skills you can apply for balancing, regulating and clearing your energy between our regular sessions. 

Subsequent sessions are 75 minutes. It can be extended to 90 when you need a little more time. We’ll spend time on tablework to boost and enhance the work you’re doing on your own. And perhaps add additional skills to create a powerful, evolutionary protocol designed specifically to address your intention and what you choose to manifest in your life. We’ll interact, I’ll listen and share.

The work is rooted in calibrating and owning your energy so you can consciously choose how you experience yourself — from the inside out. 

Client sessions are held in person in my Denver office, or remotely.

Initial Session – 90 minutes, $240
Subsequent Sessions
75 minutes, $200
90 minutes, $240 (for when we need a little more time)

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