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Christine is a highly empathic and very successful partnered attorney at her firm. She comes from a close-knit family with two loving parents but navigates anxiety and has difficulty with boundaries. She loves her work and has struggled with creating a work-life balance. Christine also wants to have deeper and more meaningful relationships outside of work but often feels too busy and overwhelmed with work challenges.

Highly empathic people often prioritize other people’s feelings above their own. They have a difficult time connecting to themselves and their own needs because the needs of others are so prominent in their awareness. In Christine’s case, she does policy reform and strongly believes in bettering the world with her work. This amplifies her outward focus on giving, making it hard to notice how vital self-awareness is and receiving support as well as giving it.

We began with energy regulation protocols to support more embodiment and receptivity. We found that Christine had a dysregulated 2nd chakra that made it difficult to have boundaries and a dysregulated sixth chakra that amplified anxiety.

We also discovered that her anxiety was linked to her tendency to ‘caretake’ people or prioritize others’ needs without noticing her own. Caretaking is a pattern that is difficult to evolve. It tends to weave itself into all of our relationships, making it hard to see when it’s happening. This pattern is usually applied to people but can also show up with a cause or devotion to a social movement. Caretaking patterns can amplify anxiety because there is a common tendency to disconnect from our body awareness which unsettles the system.

Christine has been working on Full Spectrum Embodiment as part of her healing journey and has become adept at noticing when she needs to balance herself. She is also practicing the art of slowing down and checking in with her body before making decisions.

Her slower approach to life and commitment to regulating her system has enhanced her ability to feel more calm and relaxed. Her presence and body awareness inform her of her needs, and regulating her second and sixth chakras has improved her relationships, anxiety, and boundaries.

In Christine’s words:

“Working with Victoria has truly transformed my physical and mental well-being. Her guidance has given me valuable tools for understanding and supporting myself, leading to positive changes in how I relate to others, my self-confidence, and even how I navigate my emotions. Victoria’s expertise and caring approach have made this journey both healing and effective. In just one year, I’ve seen more progress than in years of traditional therapy. She has made a remarkable impact on my overall well-being.” 

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