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David is a very successful business owner and was referred to me by his therapist to help him learn about embodiment. He wanted to feel better but was very skeptical about energy work.

He had been suffering from insomnia for several years, which was taking a toll on his body. He struggled with boundaries and feeling under appreciated. 

He was overweight, pessimistic, depressed, and regularly experienced anxiety.

Over the last two years, David and I have worked diligently on Full Spectrum Embodiment and self-love. Through this journey, his life has completely changed.

David had experienced some early trauma that left him disconnected from himself. He had been addressing this trauma in therapy for several years, but it hadn’t shifted his negative feelings about himself. 

The energy of the emotions related to his trauma was still in his system. He had worked through identifying and understanding the trauma and even done somatic (body-based) release of the trauma. However, the energy of the past was creating a barrier to connecting with himself.

By tangibly clearing the energy out of the way during sessions and teaching him how to do it at home, David has developed a direct connection with himself. He began to feel and sense things that weren’t available with therapy alone, ultimately changing his perception lens. 

David now sleeps through the night, has worked with a nutritionist to lose over 50 lbs, feels his vitality, and tackles life’s challenges with confidence and optimism. His relationship with his partner has dramatically improved, he is able to share how he’s feeling, and he no longer experiences random bouts of anxiety.

In David’s words:

While I had heard of energy work when I started working with Victoria, I was highly skeptical. She told me that was fine and that I should show up and see what happens. I am forever grateful I followed her advice. The work I have done with her over the last couple of years has truly been transformative. I feel like a different person from the work I have done with Victoria, and I now have the tools to navigate life on paths that I didn’t even know existed.

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