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Natasha is a high achieving, successful entrepreneur suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease, drug-resistant hypo thyroid, and was presenting with early signs of pre-diabetes. She is excessively exhausted and suffers from chronic pain, food allergies, and SEBO.

She has a team of doctors that she works with but was having difficulty managing her symptoms. Natasha also has a background that includes traumatic experiences and is a chronic overachiever. When we met, her body was shutting down, and she was experiencing extreme burnout.

The first step with Energy Healing is to regulate the system enough to begin practicing embodiment. Chronic pain makes it very difficult to practice embodiment because the body is so uncomfortable.

With weekly sessions for several months, we cleared enough of the energy of her early childhood pain to help her practice Full Spectrum Embodiment.

As Natasha created a direct relationship with her body’s voice, she could first feel and then respond to her need for rest and reflection. She has shifted her business model and regularly takes time off support and recalibrate her system. 

By using easy-to-follow chakra and aura regulation skills several times a day, Natasha has reduced the stress in her body/system and is no longer pre-diabetic. The inflammation in her body has diminished, and her chronic pain has subsided. She also has the energy and stamina to follow an anti-inflammatory diet which has reduced her food allergies. 

Before energy healing, she had tried several medications that didn’t touch her chronic pain, but she has since found a medication and meditation protocol that has left her pain-free. 

Healing the body is a process. The term Energy Healer implies that I heal her body; this is not the case. I clear energetic holding patterns, remove old and stuck emotional energy, and adjust and calibrate her system. She does the work of healing, and her body heals.

Natasha has diligently followed her home care protocols and changed her life. It is through her work, dedication, and devotion to personal healing that she has experienced such a shift. Energy Healing addresses the root causes of imbalances in the body. It provides the space for the body to come into alignment. Natasha continues to refine and enhance her wellness.

Words from Natasha

“Victoria has been instrumental in my healing process. Her support and guidance supported me to move beyond the latent trauma from the past that was keeping me in a place of physical pain and suffering from complications related to autoimmunity. I can say with certainty that I have never felt better physically or emotionally. She is a genuinely gifted, no BS energy worker.”

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